I am just wondering about a really long thread on the vb.net forum not beeing displayed in a few pages. At the moment it is a really long scroll job.

Yeah, thats weird. I also dunno why when we check a forum, you see topics from two years ago above some from two days ago.

I find that strange

That's what happpens when someone goes through the older posts (likely from doing a Search) and posts:

  • Thanks. Just what I was looking for
  • A follow-up question
  • An unrelated question
  • Something actually useful to the thread

Any reply at all bubbles the thread to the top of the list because they are sorted, not by when the thread was created but by the date and time of the most recent post. In most cases when a thread is 2-3 years old there is nothing further to add. When I see an old post which has been resurrected with a "thanks" I generally delete the post which pushes the thread back down the list.

To answer the OP's question, as to the reason why the page they linked to is soooo long and not split into multiple pages, the answer is that we allow 20 posts per page, regardless of the length of the post.