I just wanted to ask for help with understanding C++ code. Suddenly I realized, that I can't copy the code. Yes, my keyboard is working fine on every other program.
After further inspection I found out, that every Ctrl usage (except Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+X) has been blocked.

\(<.<)/ what?!

Seen nothing like this.....
(copied & pasted)
Seen nothing like this.....

Dont get what your statement is based upon......

Maybe upon a fact, that I can't copy...

here on DW or in general system-wide?

Yes, my keyboard is working fine on every other program.

Do you mean it works fine with every other website, or every other program except for your web browser?

It works everywhere, except for DaniWeb.

It works in dual-boot Linux, works in Notepad++, works in address bar above, works for Opera, works for Google, works for Windows Search, works for Gnome-Konsole. Doesn't work for DaniWeb.

Only this particular site, doesn't allow me copy, pasting and selecting all text by keyboard shortcuts.

When did this start happening? Did it coincide with our redesign?

No. It used to work perfectly with new design as well.

It started exactly same day I posted this topic. After about 10 minutes of attempts of finding the cause, I decided to write this topic.