Hi, I'm new here, from Malaysia. I'm sorry for my bad English. But I want to ask about choosing my future career (last semester study in comp. system & networking & my internship will be next year). I don't know to choose what kind of IT job area is better, programming or networking. What's the Pro & Con? I like to explore both of them. But still want to know which better to go first. Thank you.

For me, I would rather choose the career that I like than the career that yield a high chance of getting a job. I chose programming and currently co-found eCommerce company in my country.

So, which area do you interest more?

I have never had to choose among those two concepts (maybe because networking wasn't an option in my times). The simple answer when we have a major decision in our life is taking a bit time off. Involve in both decisions , understand what are they and then move on. After studding both a bit , one day you will wake up and know what your road is. Trust that road