Kudos for the Favorite Tags and Favorite Forums options on the Finder menu. Are they new? I hadn't seen them before, but they are a significant improvement. They very much improve my view of the new design. Before I saw them I was drifting away but now I am more likely to hang around.

One suggestion for a further improvement would be to give me some control over what appears in the main activity list. Let me decide whether I want to know that John Doe has updated his profile (I am never interested in that so would prefer never to be told about it). Let me decide whether I want to see post text or just headers, or even nothing at all, on a tag-by-tag basis. That way I could get a simple list, avoiding lots of scrolling, eliminating subjects I have no interest in and only taking a single line per post except for subjects in which I have a particular interest. The more control I have, and the less I have to scroll through things that do not interest me, the more I am likely to use the site.

Hi there,

Firstly, thanks for the kudos!

Secondly, have you tried clicking the New tab on the homepage?

It brings you to https://www.daniweb.com/new

Not a part of the site I'd go to, I certainly don't see a New tab anywhere.

I'm probably missing it somehow.

(edit) And of course I see it immediately after posting.

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I missed it too! The tabs are easy to skip.