Please see attached screenshot. Both threads were started by Pavan_9 but somehow it is showing maverick2020. Or is this caused perhaps by a name change.


Looking at the member profile it shows the username as Pavan_9 but his full name as Maverick2020.

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The user's 'real name' is used I think, which if you go into Pavan_9's profile show's maverick2020 as his real name.

Never noticed before. Non-issue then ;)

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Actually I think you're right prit. The thread list for web programming shows a thread started by maverick2020 (real name of pavan_9) - whereas when I check threads I've started, they're by 'diafol', not my real name. Strange.

I think the main list is just a lil different and shows the name (or username if you didn't specify one) if you started the thread in question. The forum list appears to always show the username.

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Ah. Still a bit odd. Not sure why real name should appear in the thread list.

Sounds like he did a name change.