I was looking for an Excle/vb.net code snippet that I posted a long time ago. I went to advanced search and selected Programming and code snippets with the search string Excel. The only hits that I got were member names containing Excel. I replaced Excel with Reverend Jim and got only my profile. It doesn't seem to be searching anything but user names. Going to google and searching reverend jim excel site:daniweb.com gives me the correct result.

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Yes cereal, agreed. I followed RJ.s example above. But we shouldn.t have to do this, surely? Very frustrating. Be nice to filter on thread starter and contributor. E.g. threadstarter = showman13 and contributor(s) = diafol+pritaeas. The api used to return this info I believe so just wondering if it was possible to filter threads with this info.

API never had any functionality to specify a thread starter and a contributor? Either way ... I will work on adding some additional search functionality right after I finish something else I need to take care of for Dazah first. However, I probably won't be able to modify the existing site search because it's controlled by Google and makes a decent amount of $ that I can't do without right now.

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No I realised that it didn't, but the returned (json) data from the API did give that info - just wondering out loud. Ok, I understand your need to make $ - but just so you know, the search system on DW is pretty much unusable / pointless. I'd say it was a pretty important aspect of a forum site though.

I guess my lack of prioritizing it is because it's literally the exact same search we've had for the past decade, so my feelings are "well, if it brings in money, and no one complained for 10 years, then ..."

However, now that I think about it, it's powered by Google. Google absolutely hates us now. Google sends us no traffic and is doing a piss poor job of indexing our content, at the moment. I guess this unfortunately has carried across to Google's site search feature.

OK ok, you're convincing me ;)

commented: Heh heh, perhaps my PITA posts have borne fruit! +0

Better late than never. In house search is back.

commented: It's a great search, it's absolutely fantastic. It has all the best words. It's going to be great. +0
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rproffitt ... it has all the best words? Huh?? How does a search have all the best words? :-P

@Dani, after this week in the USA, I was searching for a little humor in my upvote. If you didn't see it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELD2AwFN9Nc and our 45th was the influence. The search is absolutely great, seriously. Sorry if folk miss humor.

Oooh, gotcha. Missed that, sorry.