You may have noticed that messaging about earning rewards points that can be cashed out for real dollars has just now been removed from various pages.

It's not that I've completely called quits on the idea. When we switched over to the new platform, it was always in the pipeline to reintroduce the functionality. It's just that DaniWeb is really struggling nowadays, and it's really hard to be able to split what little revenue we do generate with you guys, no matter how special and appreciative I am. I've removed the messaging for now because I wasn't expecting to not have the functionality as long as we did, and it got to the point where it was just outright deceitful by keeping it up there. Hopefully one day soon this functionality will return!!

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I also cashed in once to see how it worked. But dividing the reward by the number of posts I made it's clear that the financial motivation was vanishingly close to zero. I say "let it die a peaceful death"


Let it go. :)

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