It would appear that too many notifications are added to the feed for certain events, making it difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Take the example of this annoying spammer creating a post:


Aside from the fact he's a waste of oxygen, that's more than one whole screen of notifications for a post creation and quick edit (less than a minute after posting). Also, I don't see any replies, so perhaps the "replied to a post" notification is superflouous. Perhaps these could be condensed; do we need to know who started watching each post - it might make more sense to display that on the post page; "being watched by..."

commented: That and now I want a Black Mirror "Block" mode. +0

Spammers. What a nuisance but either you heavily censure them or offer tools to us that allow us to Black Mirror "block" them.

That is, it would be grand if a third voting option be available that if I so chooes the spammer by name would never appear in any page I view. Yes, the moderator/owner already has the ban at their disposal but often they is laggy. Maybe some forum will implement the Black Mirror block mode.

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Many forums have an "ignore" function. You could write a tampermokey / greasemonkey script to do this - keeping a list of people that incur your wrath! However, it would just hide the posts / list items, not remove them and replace them with the next posts / items. I think a previous iteration of DW did have this - perhaps when it was vBulletin?

While yes, I'm annoyed by spammers, the notification problem exists for legitimate posts too. It just so happens that this chap was top of the list!

commented: I think we look the other way since our hero has been busy busy. +0

I think a previous iteration of DW did have this - perhaps when it was vBulletin?

Yes, vBulletin used to have this. However, considering not many people used it in the first place, and no one seemed to have missed it in the 5 years we have been off of vBulletin, I am in no quick rush to put a pause on what I'm focusing on and work on this instead.

Now when it comes to the homepage activity stream being a bit zealous, that's something that I can handle.

The homepage activity stream should be fixed now.