Nice revamp. But can you save us a click? That is, if I click on Read on the top bar and there are no results, the top bar is gone and I have to click on <DANIWEB>. Call me lazy.

Should be fixed. The top header should not be getting in the way of links anymore either.

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Ooops. The top header shows the menus and such but do nothing yet. Will flush cache and try again.

Added with Edit. Cleared browser cache and while the menus show, they are current inoperative.

Can you please clarify? Menus are working fine for me?

It works when are results listed when I click Read in the top bar. Let me read them all and get the Read result to none.

When I click the Read in the top bar and it responds with "There are currently no results. Try again later." the Finder and other menus with pop downs stop responding. Read, Answer, Ask and <DANIWEB> work.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

10:48 PST. Now it's working.

Ooh, you meant it only doesn't work when on the error page. Bug on that page fixed.

I couldn't reproduce it because I always had results.

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Like it. Especially on mobile (well, on my Android - Nexus 6P - it looks and works a treat)

@Dani. Just in case, you want to comment on a side effect of your no results fix.

Get the no results screen up and pop down the Hardware and Software list. Now pop down Cloud based solutiions and the list rolls under the big purple area below.

Not a big thing at all.

Bug fixed.

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Hehe, z-index, not z order :-P

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Now that you've had a few days to use it, any updated thoughts?

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Good mobile functionality. Big thumbs up. Can
T add comment via voting though too fiddly.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you mean you can't add a vote comment too easily :-P