I would like to contact with Dani, but she hasn't replied to my Tweet and I have no way of contacting her other than this forum or Twitter. I would like to discuss something confidential.

And then there is the PM route. See Dani's profile here.

Or your name is in fact UI?


Thanks. I'll try.


Thanks. I have looked at her profile, but there's no PM option.


Who's UI? This is the first time I've signed up for this website. Look at my IP Address.

but there's no PM option.

I remember that without reputation points a new user cannot send private messages. It probably depends on this. Bye!

Who's UI?

Don't worry - it's a bit of an ongoing in-joke here at the moment.
I've sent Dani a PM on your behalf to let her know you want to get in touch.


Thanks. It would of been easier if there was a contact inquiry form. But again, thanks for the help.

Hi there John! You should be able to reply to my PM in the platform. Or, from the Contact Us page at the bottom of the site, you can find my email address. Talk to you soon!