If you know of anyone who like computers or isnt that smart about anything related to computers, try to spread the word about the forum. As you probably already know, the forums are getting slow :sad: So try and get as many people as you can to join, and tell them not to just sign up and post 0 or 1 times but to stay and post on a regular basis :lol:

I will spread the word...

I try to get people to sign up, but mostly so they'll stop bothering me and go away rather than to help Daniweb prosper. :P But, of course they're all far too lazy to do that . *me grumbles some more*

yes, ive gotten over 30 people to join :( only a few are still posting. But like me and Dani always say, we are the future of TechTv, haa, Wouldnt it be sweet, to have a tv show? *head hits keyboard* i must of been dreaming,lol. I cant believe we were mentioned on techtv radio, thats pretty sweet, he said WE had FAB results for a problem he was looking for,lol

Gary, j/w if you know alot about hacking too ??