What does everyone think of the bubble tooltips I implemented on the thread listing pages? Yay or nay? :) Helpful or intrusive?

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I'm indifferent to them. They are ok, but not something I find very useful.

But now you can browse the C and C++ forum and determine which threads are C related and which are C++ related without clicking into the thread.


I find them useful for getting a quick peek inside a thread without having to open up the whole thing just to find it's not what you were expecting.

Nice one...


Well I like the tool tips. But when I click over the link, a rather odd outline of a square shows up. It is a bit disturbing.

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It's because Firefox creates a border around the <div> XHTML element encompassing the clickable text link. Usually it will just create a border around the hyperlinked word. However, in this case, the entire tooltip is attached to the clickable text link, therefore stretching the visual display of this box. The short answer: Firefox means for it to be that way.

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