Well, we now have little green hyperlinks! :) I'd like to introduce everyone to a new [bbcode] that automatically integrates with our blogs. For example, suppose I am talking about [tag]google[/tag]. By using our new [tag] bbcode, I can automatically send you to the latest headlines about Google ... aka a listing of the latest featured blog entries that have been blog tagged to be related to our favorite search engine.



Cool and geeky.

I like it :)

Actually it looks as if you get sent to all blog entries with the tag, not just featured ones. :)

Not sure of that is a good (exposes all postings on the subject) or a bad (no quality/relevancy filtering) thing to be honest. I think I tend to veer towards the bad.

Well remember it's more like you're doing a keyword search.

Its a nicer colour than blue anyway!! I need to learn all the geeky terms! (bbcode, php?) I need more geek training!!

I haven't seen anyone use this tag since its inception. Is it not useful?

I haven't seen anyone use this tag since its inception. Is it not useful?

Most people probably don't even know about it (I only occasionally read Community Feedback), and I don't really see that many uses for it.

I guess. I was hoping it would be wiki-like ... not in the free content way but in the interlinking pages way.

I don't see how we can use it in a reply to a technical question. From what I have noticed, it just takes us to the blog list with keyword [tag]google[/tag], and it is the responsibility of the reader to filter out what he needs. That rather doesnt achieve what we look for in a reply to a question. We have to be exact in our replies, or it will be no different from doing a [tag]google[/tag] search. The feature is cool, only I don't see how to integrate it constructively within our posts and not just for the sake that it is there.

I guess ... but bbcode extends into the blogs as well. Sometimes linking someone to a Google search about a topic is useful ... I'm hoping that with enough blog entries, the same could be said. Maybe it's just wishful thinking?

In light of all of the feedback and the little use the tag has already received ... this tag has been replaced by the [search]search[/search] tag.

Hmm just wanted to tell you Miss Dani that when i click on the search tag word "search" no new window opens up, nothing loads in the page itself. I have to use the option "open in a new tab" to come up with the result page.

I am using Mozilla Firefox on Win XP Pro.

It still has a couple of [search]bugs[/search] that need sorting. Still testing. :)

Should be working now.

Yep, its working now.

I think that this could be useful. For example, suppose someone posts a C++ question where it's clear that they don't understand how oop works. You can say in your reply that "I think you should study up on [search]object oriented programming[/search] a bit more."

This is so C O O O L.

Now maybe instead of pasting the links to various reference sites or for refering to function prototypes, i will just wrap the function name in tag attributes.

For eg. Miss Dani if you anytime plan on learning how to accept user input in the string format, you should look up the [search]fgets[/search] function. (hehe)

Yes ... a number of the dropdown links associated with 'fgets' are quite useful. In one click you can find code snippets on DaniWeb which use fgets or you can look up the Wikipedia definition which gives an example as well.

ah. This opens a lot of [search=1287457368]windows[/search] of oppotunities. nice nice.
*dreams up a lot of possible uses*

I'm glad you're finding it more useful than it's predecessor.

Absolutely a novel idea, a bow to who thought of it, really takes the load off us.

Well the idea started when I tried to think of a Wiki-style idea to integrate the forums and blogs more, especially after my recently designed tagging system. However, no one used it, and then Wolfy posted earlier in this thread that it isn't useful when replying to people's questions. So that got me thinking of ways that it could be converted into a quick Wiki-style way to find related definitions and information. After remembering seeing quite a few mods constantly link to Google searches for various terms, I came up with the idea.

I'm glad you're finding it more useful than it's predecessor.

Yeah, it's kool! But shouldn't it open in a new window -- like [search]links[/search]? (I had to try it out)

You think so? Generally I don't like when things open in a new window by themselves, because I clicked on a link because I meant to leave where I am and go there, not to have windows pile up on top of themselves. (Besides, that's what the back button is for.) If I want a link to open in a new window, I right click and select Open in a new window. Maybe that's just me? Let me know if it's just me.

Just tested if Ctrl + Left Click opens a new tab in firefox. It does not.

For me, ctrl+click opens a new tab in Firefox for WinXP.

Then must it be an issue of darn Firefox 2.0 rc.

Maybe it's an option that needs to be enabled?

Ctrl + Clicking normal hyperlinks work as they are supposed to. Only the links of the search tag do not. So I guess what I am experiancing is not because of a disabled option.