Just an whine really, when I hover my mouse over the menu bar, does the dropdown menu under search disappear. Noticed this today, I don't know wether it was that way before :P.

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It's related to an IE bug where the drop down menu would go behind the search dropdown. The only way to fix it was to make it hide itself. (Yes, I know you guys are using FireFox)


I am an noob to javascript, but isn't it easily do-able to make something like:

if(browser == Internet_explorer)
    //hide code

I'm no javascript expert, actually never programmed anything more then an simple clock :P. Or you might want to not include the javascript that hides the button with PHP (offcourse only if it doesn't affect loading times and server load)

I know I'm just whining :P


That's the way it was up until now. However, the W3C wasn't validating DaniWeb's XHTML code, and it was bothering me :) So I figured since there's no functionality lost (it's impossible to use the search feature while navigating the dropdown menus) I might as well be consistant for the sake of usability.


If I validate this page (here) I still get 3 error's. That might to be because of validator limitations, but still. I didn't sacrificied my search bar dropdown menu for nothing :P

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