I see a new feature has been added called member certificates, is it just for fun or does it have some purpose or use ? Just curious (programmer need to be curious, dont they :mrgreen:)

Waiting for your explanation, thanks.

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Weird... I just started seeing member certificate from yesterday, and thought it was a new feature but it turns out that it was introduced back in 2004. Hmm... looks like the changes take a lot of time to propagate to my PC

But seriously any theories on why this happened, hoping for a reply from the mods and admins, thanks.


The certificates were provided since 2004. But it started to appear in the side of the daniweb page only recently (even I noticed it yesterday). That should be the reason that you were not aware this feature existed.


There was always a link to the Member Certificate page. However, a lot of people never realized that existed. So I decided to change the link to the page from a little text link to the member certificate, itself.

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