i dont know what is wrong with it. i have tryed it on both linux and windows versions of opera and i cant seem to logon everother site and forum i need to log onto works great thought maybe someone here would know whats goin on. i am on mozilla right now but i kind of like opera better so i figured i would see if anyone knew what could be up with it.

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thanks for the 411
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This forum uses database-driven session IDs in addition to cookies. Are cookies enabled on your opera browser? Similar problems have been known to occur with certain proxies (due to something with session IDs not being able to track an IP behind a proxy server).

You mentioned this problem doesn't occur with other forums. Have you tried any other forums backed by the phpBB forum software (www.phpbb.com)?


One more question: when you say you can't log in, do you get an error saying "Invalid Session ID" upon logging in, or does it just throw you back to the index page without logging you in or giving you any messages.


it is version 7.11 and yeah it jst kicks me back to the log in main screen asking me to log on. and yeah cookies are set to be used. and www.elitelinux.com i believe uses phpbb and it works there and same with www.linuxforums.org and i know that is backed by phpbb cause the logo on there site is the phpbb logo. and i can log on there nad it keeps me logged on. if you have an ideas i hope to beable to fix it cause i dont want to have to use mozilla for only one site but i will till i get it working in opera.


Problem fixed. It was related to a mod I had incorporated into the back-end of the site which doesn't give site IDs to bots such as google and other search engines when they spider the site. (Because search engine bots such HATE session IDs and therefore refuse to index sites with session IDs). However, for some reason the website was considering Opera to be a bot, and therefore treating you the way it would a search engine.

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