Sense when is daniweb non-profit organization?

I'm not seeing any ads whatsoever. Not that I'm complainin'........

It isn't, but apart from the video ads I'm not seeing any served here either so have alerted Dani to this and I'm sure she will sort it ASAP.

Me too. Can't see any ads.

I can see the ads now.

I just came on here for the first time today, and it appears I'm a little late. Everything appears to be working fine, and without experiencing the problem myself, I'm not sure which ad server it was causing the glitch. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!


But I like daniweb without ads.

Yes, inconvenience, as Davey said that with the ad server down, every page was hanging trying to unsuccessfully load the ads, to the point where DaniWeb was unusable, I'm afraid :(

Didn't have such problems here. Just Daniweb, ad-less Daniweb. Posted stuff. Only inconvenience I had was failure to upload 3 MB zip file. Tried it twice and gave up. But, I think, it was before adlessness.

Certainly slowed down as one would expect as each page tried to load ads here.

Didn't notice. (Modem)

Didn't notice. (Modem)

I'm sorry.