Hey guys I'm a noob but I'm starting to love this community.Only thing is you kinda get burnt out helping people in posts with no real interaction.

What do you all think of having two chat applets?

One ,lets call it "I'm free", for seeking help with a problem from other troubleshooters if,for example,you've run out of ideas and feel there's so many replies other people will skip the thread assuming it's resolved.Perhaps a minimum post limit to gain access to ensure only genuine people are entering it and it's not open to people who join looking for a free live troubleshooting service.I realize this will rule me out for some time but I'll catch up eventually :confused:

Two,call it "the techies lounge", just to have open while you help people troubleshoot so you can have a chat and a laugh at the same time and don't become frazzled from over-working on the threads with no human interaction

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IRC isn't that old school when it's all integrated into DaniWeb :) Our chat page shows which members are logged in, you can visit a member's profile to see what channels they are op in, what channels they're logged into, etc.

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