Hey guys. I'm looking for some comments on the condensed forum index. It's missing forum descriptions along with the detailed last post info (thread title and username of last poster)

However, without those two things - it is a good two thirds shorter! Plus it's much cleaner. And above all, it's a LOT LOT easier to see exactly what this site offers in a much more condensed, comprehensible style. I think it is a lot less intimidating to new users.

However, is the removed info very missed? How often did you guys read the thread titles of the last posts in each forum? Of course, this info is still available via the forum thread listings.

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I think those brief forum descriptions are vital. I'm predicting an increased incidence of topics being posted in the wrong sections, a drop off in posting levels, or both. But let's wait 'n' see if I'm right or wrong eh?

Actually, I rather wonder if a bit of reorganisation of the forum index mightn't have been a better move. I reckon the whole shebang is upside down! You gotta scroll right down (if the descriptions are there, of course) to get to the 'Community' and 'Tech Help' sections.

There's possibly a few forum sections that could be considered for merging together as well, because there's some that really don't contain much at all in the way of topics posted.

It's a LOT LOT easier to scan over, for sure! But it's more meaningful to those who are already aware of the forum structure, perhaps?


Actually, since I condensed the forum index, the last two days we broke records for the most number of new posts per day. We broke the 300 post/day barrier yesterday!

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