Why does daniweb not have a wikipedia entry?
I think it aught to

They're very picky about that stuff. I think it is worth a shot, though. The worst that can happen is it is deleted.

Hey, if they can have an entry about me they can't be that picky. :)

wow, thats interesting stuff.

We used to have a rather small entry that was created by Gary and was there for over a year. Then it got screwed up somehow and eventually deleted. Never bothered to recreate it as I got caught up in so much other stuff.

ah ok

by the way, one question, does anyone know where all the old threads go? is there an archive?

Old threads on DaniWeb, you mean? They don't go anywhere.

thats good, i was just wondering. think i may collate some of the useful info here into a word document or something for referance