aha i booted up all 5 of my pcs and tried it

2003 Windows PDA = has problem
windows NT4 = = has problem
windows 98 = = has problem
windows 2000 = =doesnt have problem
windows xp = has problem
windows 2003 = doesnt has problem
safari = desnt have problem
ff 1 = doesnt have problem
ff 2 = has problem


And I don't have the problem in XP with IE5, XP with IE6, XP with FireFox 1, XP with FireFox 2, Vista with IE6, Vista with FireFox 2, OS X with Safari



Yeah weird. Where do you guys get the money for so many computers??? :confused: :mrgreen:


soem of those are vms not physcial machines

physcial machines wise i have

1 server 03 dual booting centos
1 wm2003 pda
1 win98 laptop
1 winnt4 laptop
1 win2k pc
2win xp pc

and the laptop and server were nearly free (less than £50 from ebay)

so its basically 4 pcs - i get one about every 4 years


Well, I have 3 physical machines, all with XPsp2 and IE6. They're all on the same line but 1 PC has the problem mentioned and the other 2 don't.... The one that does is a 2800 sempron.


What are the statistics for at the lowerrightcorner of the site? It doesn't say anything?


It happens occasionally for me too, but its not limited to DaniWeb, I've seen it elsewhere also and assumed its just the way the internet works some times.

The code in some ads starts a new download with a different ad every 15 seconds or so.

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