For some reason, I just got an email for every thread I am subscribed to informing my that I replied to myself. Very odd, some of these posts weren't even this week, and the emails sent me my own replies.

Maybe somebody else subscribed to this forum with my email address? - but then that would mean that same person would have posted on every thread I have posted on too... very odd.

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By default, new members are automatically subscribed to threads that they post in. In addition, the default thread subscription mode is weekly notification, meaning you'll receive all the emails on one day during the week. (I thought this would be the most convenient to new members, as it might be a turn-off to register on Monday and on Tuesday receive 50 messages from the site). However, another member experienced the exact same problem tonite. I'm really not sure of any problems, as nothing has changed lately and it should operate the same as any vBulletin forum system.


ahhh, that makes sense. This is the first forum I ever posted in (out of a bajillion) that have weekly notification. I would think you are safe doing it the default way since most of us are used to it, and we can choose not to subscribe to threads. I personally whore forums a lot more when I get the notification emails. (I mean whore in a good way, if that is possible :mrgreen:)


Well, it's always possible via the User CP to enable / disable notification - or set it to instant, daily, or weekly. In addition, you can subscribe / unsubscribe from any thread. :)

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