Here's some more feedback from a less sophisticated user. ;) I've noticed that the bread crumbs are missing the forum index in annoying places like the control panel. I have to back up or go to the home page (or hit my bookmark) to get back to the index when I don't recall needing to do that before.

I find the forums quite easy to use. The layout's really nice, and the 'Posts since last visit' feature makes it really easy to tell where I left off on my last visit. The site is very clean (especially with ad-blockers :o) and gets relatively little spam. And I've no complaints against the moderator staff. Overall you guys are doing a very excellent job.

DaniWeb has become one of two forums I spend entirely too much time on, which is a very good sign. ;)

-Davey appears to strive for quality, not just filler material to poof up the site.

Thankee kindly sir, you have summed up my goal for DaniWeb succinctly.

- how about subscription on the blog entries? I'd like to be notified when someone else comments on the blog that I've commented.

Agreed. Also it would be nice to be notified when someone comments to a blog posting of your own, especially helpful when you have a volume of postings stretching back many months.

commented: Just spreading some rep. (Chaky) +3

This is my 2000th post, so I had better make it good. :cheesy:

I definitely agree about comment notification on blogs. DaniWeb is the only blog so far where I don't have such a notification. Another request I have for the blogs is in the entry window to have a "preview" button, similar to the ones we have on the Advanced Reply of threads. Not so much to correct typos, but to make sure tags are properly formed (e.g. code tags and links, which can't be tested from within the WYSIWYG editor).

Another thing I have to complain about is the size of the private messaging reply box. The Control Panel menu on the left makes the box too narrow, and unlike the quick reply box, there is no larger version I can use, save for the height adjustment buttons in the top-right corner of the box.

Not that there should really be a reason for posting code over the private-messaging system, but it definitely makes it easier. ;) These are just ideas: perhaps move the Control Panel to above the reply window, or allow us to type in a popup window which can be expanded to suit our needs?

sorry for late break....dani you are really doing a great work and i also feel happy when i had seen better enhancement in homepage...keep up a good work

hi! my first time in forums like this. I am not a techie or computer wizard of any kind. When I first entered, rather registered in Daniweb I had trouble finding "Post New Thread". My comments would be noticeable tabs?

Overall, its cool having Daniweb in the internet. Members seems friendly. Thank You!

Is it ok greet?

Hi Miss Dani!:o

Mabuhay Philippines!