I'm getting notifications on my ex account!

My account history:

- used hotmail...until I stopped getting any notifications (not daniweb problem)

- changed to yahoo account.

- reverted to hotmail account (problem was gone)

- now I'm getting notifications on my yahoo account, although the hotmail one is in my profile.

I'm getting notifications on my hotmail account again. Weird.

P.S. I haven't changed anything. Scout's honor.

Do you still have Chaky and Chaky2?

Yes, but Chaky2 is on different yahoo account. I've opened up a "temporary" account while I was unable to get any notification (reactivation included) on my hotmail account, ant that's the yahoo account I was getting notifications by error.

Last yahoo notification came from this post, and it was AFTER I reverted email address. Went back to normal with this post.

Edit: Just noticed one difference between yahoo and hotmail notifications. It's adress (URL) in a manner:

Yahoo = http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/newpostinthread71170.html

Hotmail = javascript:ol('http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/newpostinthread71170.html');

Edit 2: Damn smiley.

I'm confused.

It must be the moon phase. I had a different BBS notifying me of a personal message on an old email address this week. I had been getting the notifications correctly for months, but suddenly it changed back.