That's what your social network is for in your profile. :)

What I had in mind was something based on "social network" concept.

(food for thoughts)

- x number of posts and/or rep points allow member to form a club
- each club has custom name
- each club has custom avatar (or banner, logo, badge, flag...)
- each club has it's own exclusive forum with threads (crossbreed of private messaging and posting)
- post/thread lifespan in those forums are time-limited (a week, for example)
- each club member gets (optional) mini-badge along his/her avatar
- founders have administrator powers within the clubs (kicking ppl out, deleting posts or threads)
- clubs survive only if they have x number of club members.

On the second thought, it would be pretty pointless.

Another unrelated suggestion:
Beside PMs (in the header), useful thing would be number of new subscribed threads.

Sounds like Facebook to me...:icon_neutral:

Again, we must realize that Daniweb is a IT tech site, not a social networking forum.

Facebook gets billion dollar buyout offers, so from Dani's perspective that's not such a bad thing...

Facebook isn't as popular as myspace tho, is it?

I'm not sure, but from what I know, Facebook usage is on the rise, and Myspace usage is on the downfall.

I mentioned Facebook because of the 'group' concept.

Yeah, myspace has groups also.
I don't know, it seems to me that myspace is increasing more and more. I think my whole school has myspace. ;)

Never heard of facebook....

Bebo and myspace are the kings here in the UK. No-one uses facebbook. Bebo is more popular.

No-one uses anything apart than msn for IM ether so maybe we are just wierd.

You're not weird, MSN is the dominant protocol outside of the US. Stupid AOL had to screw things up over here, so that we all have to have 2 different protocols... :icon_evil:

no-one really uses AOL here. Maybe because its expensive.-

If anyone there used America Online, they ought to be shot. Same for people over here who use it. :icon_twisted:

eh ..Well I live in Barbados...popular things here are MSN and more recently Facebook..but aside form a handful of people I'm the only one who I know who has MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Myspace, HI5 (which is also very popular out here) and there are a few toher sites which i keep getting these emails form which i just cant be bothered to join..partially because for every account ive got diff user name and password so its a bit to remember..:/..

Oh and Christina>you I think Chalky was referring to the fact that you post alot everyday..(and wow you joined this year feb and are at 2k posts?!!?...wowz)

and also my orignal joining of Daniweb was for tech help wiht this computer and a dying laptop which im thinking I'll give to friend of mine (he wants to buy it but Its worth , What? all the money in my pocket which is....fuzzy lint...?) and also to learn some stuff because that would be helpful seeing i spend alot of time on the computer..:P..
and this post is really long isnt it..:/....
vbmenu_register("postmenu_356829", true); <-- ps thats weird i didnt write that o.0...the code must of messed..

You live in Barbados?

Is english your second language? Is that why you type badly, if so then I apoligise somewhat for all the bad reps I have given you :)

Nope I said it before to, English is the first language of me and this country (well the national one..) and my horrific typing is just me with lack of spelling and typing skillz ..(yes it is misspelled that on purpose.) and i deserve all so much...but yeah ..erm thank ? i guess?