hmm....o.0...iiinteresting...well way to find out is to test on another javascript forum to see if it works there or far no luck for me

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Here's an ontopic post:

The time it takes for every page to load is painfully slow. Unless I disable advertisements, we're talking on the order of ten seconds from the time the page starts loading to the time I can scoll and click and type without the entire browser application being non-responsive.

That slowness has completely turned me off to Daniweb.

That makes two of us. I been watching the 'slowness threads' in this forum, but if someone starts complaining it's takes a few hours until it's 'fixed'. Well, it isn't for me. Reading through the last 3 pages in this discussion took me 70 sec to load (in total). That's unacceptable with my internetconnection and systemspecs.
If I want to read a big thread like this one, I use the 'show printable version' link to get the speed back. This is one of the reasons I'm not around as much as I used to. Perhaps when this problem is fixed/solved I'll get back to helping people, but if I want to read all the questions in the few forums I'm interrested in, it would take my all day (litterally).


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10 seconds to load a page?! That's ridiculous! Unfortunately, I never experienced anything like that on my end ... all of the pages load speedy for me ... so I had absolutely no idea!

I put some effort into tweaking the ad settings and am still working on it. Unfortunately, I can't test my own results because pages have always loaded instantaneously for me.

Its sometimes up to a minute here. What happens is the top part (up to where the page numbers / first bit that says "advertisements" is and then it hangs for ages and loads all the buttons one by one (the silver ones that say Home, Software Devel, Web Devel etc....) and then eventually the posts load then after a huge wait the quick reply box appears.

It's still doing that for you? Let me know.

Hmm, yes, it does it under Mozilla 2, IE7 and IE6. I even reinstalled XP on a VM and tried it. Same issue. PDA does it also.

I think its the ads although i hate to say it (dont want to start that again) as when i use AdblockPlus for firefiox it loads right away?

That's just so weird. It is completely instantaneous for me in FireFox and IE 7.

Maybe it only affects UK people?

When Davey gets back from his business trip I will ask him.

I'm a uk person and I have adblocker at work, but not at home. I use firefox 1.5 on both machines and I notice very little difference in page load time if at all. I browse Daniweb all day and evening so I have used it at busy and quiet times and I have generally found the performance uniform.

Maybe they should stop using a 300 baud modem... :twisted:

There is one thing that bugs me here.

In the Quick Reply box, on the right-click menu there are no "cut" and "copy" menu items. I don't know if that is related to the daniweb or if it is IE bug, since Firefox and Opera do have those menu items.

It's still doing that for you? Let me know.

Yes it does, the entire page is loaded (including ads) then the browser hang for 10 seconds or so before I can scroll or click anything..

Maybe they should stop using a 300 baud modem...

I have a 8 mbit connection, so that shouldn't be a problem.


Yes it does, the entire page is loaded (including ads) then the browser hang for 10 seconds or so before I can scroll or click anything..

That would be because of the ads. Without adblocker even I experience the same behaviour. With adblockers, the loading is instantaneous even at 100 kbps connection.

> I have a 8 mbit connection, so that shouldn't be a problem.
It would take you some time to get used to Walt's jokes.. ;-)

Even with IntelliTXT disabled? I can't think of a reason why everything would load and the page would still be unresponsive ... only with no ad blocker. If it happened all the time I could track it down to a vBulletin script that is called at the bottom of the page, such as for the quick reply.

I can scroll as soon as it starts to load the page..using firefox 2 and only running a spyprotector program and running on 100 mbs.(well at least it says that..)

Though the only problem for me is that when the page did fully load the page jumped..
as in i was reading and ti would jump to the top of the page..about 5 times but otherwise loads fine here no adblocker

I wish I could experience what all you guys are experiencing :(

Changed something. Is it more responsive now?

Sort of. Its a small bit better but maybe thats just a fluke...

And its not slow net either. I tried it on my 10mb home cable om 8 different pcs and it was slow. Its also slow at college (and there on a really uber fast network).

Works nice and fast with AdblockPlus though. Disabling IntelliTXT makes no difference.

The problem seems to be a: the google ads inbetween and above posts and b: the flash ad near the quick reply box. There the ones that take ages.

But I thought that everything loads quick and then the ads just come in afterwards. Isn't the site usable even while the flash ads aren't complete downloading?

You cant scroll past it. For ages it will only let you see the title of the thread and navigation toolbar until the google ads are loaded.

Then after a while you can scroll and see some replies but you still cant get to the quick reply box until the flash ad is loaded, incurring a further wait.

This only began happening when you moved the quick reply box next to the ad and introduced the ads between posts.

I introduced the google ad between posts two years ago. You need to narrow it down a little for me to help :)

But I'll look into it some more.

hmm actually what have you done recently?

not related to this, but im not getting the css bug anymore?

CSS bug?

Where the text is all crazy and not in the table

don't know what you're talking about :(

I talked to you about it on msn. Itt only seems to affect me and serunson (seruson? i can never spell his username....). We randomly see the site all jumbled up, as if it doesnt load the CSS right. That seems to have stoped lately.

Ahh. Yeah, I dunno, I'm at a loss trying to figure this whole thing out.

Seems to be ok now. Its certain times of day

I experienced the page waiting for the ad to load before I could read any posts. If the ad failed to load, I could get the rest of the page sometimes, but sometimes I got a 404 error or a timeout. It often took 30 seconds to a minute for the page to load.

I also experienced the scrambled page elements. But it happened when the ad loaded had a different aspect ratio than the space reserved for the ad.

The site seem fast tonight.