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    [quote=joshSCH;354415]lol.. never seen someone use 'funnily' before:D[/quote] [quote=jbennet;354470]Funnily is a common saying. e.g A: Have you seen john? B: Funniy enough i bumped into him the other day.[/quote] WOW.. when I said this, I was not saying that 'funnily' was not a word. I was simply saying that it is … Read More

  • Just wanted to throw my moderator hat into the ring and ask for our members to take deep breath before they make their next post in this thread. In through the nose........out through the mouth. There. Now don't we all feel better? :) (I hope so because happygeek carries a … Read More

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    I guess the one who wanted us all to fight like cats and dogs must be very happy with this. Take an eg. of three people A, B, C. B dereps A and C. Both are agitated. A thinks its C's doing and C think's its A's doing. Start of … Read More

  • Well :zzz: . I've been subscribed to this thread since I posted at the very beggining; I wouldn't think that a discussion on smilies would turn into war.. :| Chill out people :@ . You're upsetting me :'(. Or maybe amusing me :D. I dunno. :yawn: With regard to rep … Read More


:ooh: they're not so bad..

i don't see how this one is 'pretty' though: :pretty: looks to me like it's got red eyes and enourmas eyebrows.. :scared:


These are disgusting! That's it, I'm moving to Canada.

Don't forget to change your location to Canada.....;)


> These are disgusting! That's it, I'm moving to Canada.
What's so special about Canada?

Smilies are pretty good, better than the old ones... they seem to be more romanticized than the old ones... :) :*

I still miss
:mrgreen: and :cheesy: and :rolleyes: and :o

Could those be brought back? And not to be nitpicky, but could :) have a larger smile? He's supposed to look happier!

But other than that, they're great, thank you. Definitely an improvement over the previous ones.


>You mean this?
Hey, thanks for the tip! :icon_biggrin: haha, the old emoticons haven't really been destroyed, maybe I will keep using them :icon_mrgreen:


Any of the above I've posted are yours for the smiley list.

So what else do you want me to make? :)


how about some animated smileys :?:

No no no no no!

No more stuff that moves. The ads are too distracting as it is!

Moving pictures should be restricted to demonstrating concepts.

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