Odd seems to be ok now...

No. I fixed it. Forgot to update this thread. Thanks for the heads up.

>I fixed it.

Previously, ridiculously long lines with no line spaces (that can't wrap) would push the entire page design out, ruining the site layout.

The fix was to make a change to the CSS that added a horizontal scrollbar in FireFox to accomidate the extra long line, so it wouldn't affect the rest of the page ... and in Internet Explorer and Safari, to force a hard wrap mid-word. (This CSS property is not yet available in FireFox but, from what I was reading, should be supported in CSS3.)

'K, got it now.

Cool :)

I don't know if this is linked, but have you noticed that some posts have scroll bars in them, with no evident pattern or reason?

Can you link me to an example please?

Doh, I new I shoulda book marked 'em.