Sounds like a drink. "1 triple concur on the rocks, please!"

And I thought I was bad at thread-hijacking. :P


I disagree with everyone.
I like the colors, it adds taste to the site! ;)

[...and it also makes the forums easier to differentiate]


actually, you agree with someone, i said the same thing ;)

Oh, I must have not seen your post. (I just skimmed over the last page.)


I do care a little. I was quite fond of the purple-yellow combo. But apparently it was time to move on. The new colors aren't that awefull. :icon_mrgreen:
I personally don't think any new person to the site will notice that the color changes in the different fora. 99% of the new people come here, ask a question or read one thread and leave.
The people that come here frequently are here for the content not the colors.


IMHO, you are looking for the solution to a problem that does not exist.

There, now I'll have triple concur on the rocks with the rest of you.


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