:!: :)

Impressive Dani. Most impressive. Congrats on the site change.

I am most impressed at the work you have put into the place! :p

Got a little worried at first that Techtalk was gone. Glad to see I
was wrong.

Stunning picture of yourself on the main page.


Keep up the good work.

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Hey Paladine. Thanks for the kudos. You may have seen I responded earlier... unfortunately I lost that post due to MySQL problems. You may notice things are a bit quirky here for the next few days while I tweak the database.

In any case, does this mean that you'll agree this version of the forums is nicer than the old version? I hope you enjoy this one! However, I'm awfully sorry to everyone who finally got accustomed to the old style only for me to change it on them again.


Ah here things are. :-)

Yes I do like this new look. Miss somethings of old, but such is the way of progress.

But since the site was, or at least in my mind, founded on Tech Support kind of thing this new straight forums setup works well.

Applaud you effort, and wish you luck in the work to be done. Hope you enjoy it as much as we users do.

And yes I like the picture, except it did remind me of how old I was getting and how energetic and smart the younger generations are. :-(



I posted in the calendar about this, actually. I have chosen to remove the tutorials and reviews from the forums. Instead, I am putting together a separate sub-section of TTF reserved for them, using a different backend other than this forum software (more like CMS software). This way, they will have more robust and powerful features, and won't be dependant on the forums itself.

The backend for this is done already. However, I still have to create the frontend style in addition to import them from the old database to this new one. Be rest assured they're not lost! In addition, I plan to take care of this as soon as possible. (It's top priority right now).


Just so you guys know, Dani doesn't eat or sleep when TTF is changing.

I'm sure she has been up for at least 3 days straight... lol


Dani, is this new Code Place on the forums a link to a site you have created? or someone elses that is affiliated with Techtalk forums? Is there any ground rules for it?

Just my curious nature!


Code Place is, indeed, a link to a site of mine. Ground rules? Anyone can post open source code snippets in any language! Enjoy!


IMHO, this site seems to get worse everytime I visit. No offence, but when i first came here, the place was quiet, but free of Ads and had a great style. A few months down the line, and the place was flooded with Ads and that kind of stuff making me far less inclined to visit again.
Then, the next time I visit, I find it has been converted to vBulliten? I'm afraid there's no board system I despise more. It's unlikely I'll be visiting very often again.


Dani, I would love to see an area for VBA questions and answers. Or maybe a tutorial?


Roberdin -
Well, it would be sad to see ya go. Honestly, vBulletin is much better then phpBB is. The code is cleaner, the backend is neater, and it can do a lot more without hacking at it.

About the ads: they aren't horrible. They make Danielle money, so she can live, and work on TechTalk even more! If you don't like them, just add a few entries to your hosts file to block them out.

It would be sad to see you go, you are a valued poster at TechTalkForums.


Dani, I would love to see an area for VBA questions and answers. Or maybe a tutorial?

The old version of TechTalk had a Tutorials forum where people posted some C++ tutorials. Something like this is definitely being reincarnated in this forum. However, I'm having some last minute problems with the script I originally intended to use.

I'm still looking for a powerful, robust FAQ/KB/Tutorial php script that I could customize. I was thinking of choosing one that's integrated into vBulletin but I'm not sure yet if that's the route I'd like to take.


Rob, I know you're really against banners and other sorta ads on pages. Hence one of your main complaints about TTF (aside from it being vBulletin). However, I was just browsing the forum and came across this old post of yours [thread]534[/thread] where you suggest I use a banner exchange program here ;) Sorta hypocritical, no?

In any case, I don't think whether the site is blue or polkadot rainbow, phpBB or vBulletin, that should influence whether you visit and contribute to the site. If it's made up of a nice, informative community, that you used to enjoy being a part of, what's the difference what code runs their backend? ;) Just MHO

Forewarning now, though ... don't turn this into a flame thread people ;) I can just see it coming! LOL


A. Should you really be bumping old topics? ;)
B. Since when did I subscribe to this topic? *Regards Dani with suspicion*

I can tolerate one or two adverts per page, but any more and I start to go sligthly insane. The site layout and colour scheme are important to me because I'm lazy (links = easy to find) and like to be neat - anything ugly looking annoys me as well.

Unfortuantely for you, my pet hate is now websites which don't comply with W3C requirements*. Which also includes this topic page, so I will no longer be visiting it. :P However, your forum index seems good.

(* Yes, I'm aware that mine doesn't. But that's because I'm too lazy to do anything about it. I'm also equally aware that this is another example of hypocracy.)



Sorry about my above post. For some reason I got an email a few days ago about a reply being made to this topic. But, I've only just checked the date of Dani's post...

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