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The yellow one is generated by JavaScript by me. The grey one is generated by your web browser. The thing is ... the grey one is supposed to be auto-disabled when you see the yellow one.

Does anyone else experience this? Ancient, temporarily you can disable the yellow one that is DaniWeb generated in your control panel.


Noooo! Don't just disable the second tooltip and forget about the problem. Tell me and help me fix this :)


I can't use the BBS at all with the bumbling tooltips there. It keeps me from reading the forum names correctly, by causing the same visual read errors the moving ads and the gray "Use the code tags" text cause.

The solution is to get rid of the bumbling tooltip permanently. Let the browser tooltip do its job. You can't control the browser tooltip, because it is a function of the USER's browser settings on his own computer. Changing the settings of a user's browser is blocked by security rules.

Firefox has no tooltip settings. It's always on.


More info for you.

I (yetch) turned on the tooltips again. While I endured it for 15 minutes, I noticed that the duplicate messages did NOT appear this time - in either Firefox or IE.

Overlapping tooltips did appear when I put the cursor on an icon (the "next unread post" icon or the stars). Then the tooltip with the meaning of the icon landed on top of the bumbling tooltip with the text of the post, hiding part of it.

This makes it even weirder, because something unknown has changed its behavior.

After 15 minutes, I shut it off again. I couldn't stand it anymore.

How about turning the "use the code tags" gray text into a tooltip, so I can turn it off?

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