Hey fellas. Unfortunately, I'm going in for some surgery on July 13th. It's actually nose surgery - I'd rather not get into details here in public but suffice to say I was born without a sense of smell nor the ability to breathe through my nose. For those of you who remember, I actually had surgery once already in 2002 which involved some serious sinus reconstruction (UGH!), and plan for this to be my second and last surgery.

While I don't plan on being admitted (it's ambulatory), I am hoping, and preying, and hoping, and preying, that it's a short recovery. At this point, unfortunately I can't say how long I will be away for. I expect to be away from DaniWeb for about a week, though it may be as much as two (bite your tongue!)

While I am gone, I am leaving the community in the very valuable hands of all the DaniWeb moderators. I trust them all and I'm sure that they will do a great job taking care of the site and looking after things while I'm away.

Signing off,

P.S. I'll never actually be "too far gone" because I'll be laying in my bed just a few feet away from my PC and even less feet away from my mac, during the entire length of my recovery ;)

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Feel better soon! Don't forget to enjoy all that cool stuff they give you to make you feel goooooooood. :)


Thanks guys ... eek the memories of the last time I went through this. Percocet for a month and vicodin for a second month. This surgery isn't meant to be as bad as that one, though, so hopefully a lot less pain killers!


I wish you a quick recovery and that the job gets done. I hope the doctors aren't as hopeless in their trade as I am in mine lol. (kidding)Get well soon!

We'll miss you,



Oh hell! Missed this when it happened because I've been busy elsewhere :(

Anyway, I guess you've had the op by now and are sitting back feeling miserable. Here's a little cheer you up!



I'm all too well aware of what a nuisance it can be when the sinuses don't work properly. Mine haven't done so since a fella rearranged them with a plaster cast many years ago!

heh heh.....

Worst hiding I ever copped, and it was dished out by a bloke with a broken arm!!

Cheers Dani. Looking forward to having you back.


Hey Dani, how are you feeling, how did it go? Are you out yet? GET BETTER! I gotta go for some surgery on my teeth hehe, seems my wisdom teeth are causing all sorts of havoc.


Hey there everyone. Thanks for all the well wishes! The surgery wasn't even close to as bad as I thought it would be - nevermind 1% of the pain of the first one. I was only in severe pain for about 2 days which I spend on percocet. After that, I was able to just take prescription-strength motrins and excedrins for the next couple of weeks. :)


Question: Now that you can smell [better], do you notice when looking at other people's poor-quality code that "it stinks"? Or out of habit does it just "look bad"?


Great to hear all is well in the nose/sinus/head!


Well actually ... this surgery made it so that I could breathe :) Still no ability to smell at all though :( From what they are telling me, never had, never will.


I get so much confused when I see people like dani ... about what is the most important thing in our body is ... everything seems to be very important but we see people without having some of those important parts and still living their lives to their full.

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