What happened to the HTML and CSS help forum? It's gone.

Perhaps it was a temporary glitch.

[edit] Nevermind.

I'm not sure what you mean? All posts are there. And posts go live as soon as they're posted so nothing is ever "pending"?

I meant that I was waiting for answers.

I was confused becuse the contents of the two lists were merged, and my pending posts were eearlier in the list than one I had posted earlier in the other list.

Huh? What was merged? I'm confused still. Sorry.

A HTML and CSS forum appeared in the Web Design subcategory some time before it disappeared from the main list. I had been posting to topics in both lists. They are now the same list.

I was confused because an older topic from the subcategory list appeared higher in the list than the newer topics I was looking for from the old list. I had stopped looking when I saw the old topic.