It takes over a minute to post things often, even on threads which have no one else on them.

Anyone else getting this problem, or is this due to the large number of users or something

It happens to me, too, from time-to-time.

What does 'time-to-time' mean? Every few posts made? Every few days? etc.

Seems like every time I visit the site gets sluggish at least once.

Just when posting or doing other activities on the site as well?

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Yes that happens to me almost every session Dani......

Posting, doing mod actions. Pretty much anything.

It only happens when i post or start a new thread, otherwise it seems 'normal'. Even when i posted the original question it was sluggish.

Has it always been like this? Can you put some type of timeframe on it?

Yeah for about 3 or 4 months now off and on...

I'd have to agree with that assessment.

Go into your member control panel and disable all of the JavaScript Style Enhancements in addition to the Advertising. (The last two Miscellaneous Options on the profile editing page.) Then let me know if things are going faster.

Lets test...

edit: Much quicker! , Thanks Dani :)

Minor problem, it still occurs when i reply using 'quick reply'. I refreshed during the posting and it posted it instantly after the refresh the "posting please wait" was still going on.

edit: posting with the advanced posting facility is quciker though. Quicker than 'quick reply' :P

I have all of that turned off and it still happens for me. Although turning all of that off was a wonderful thing, too. :)

It happens maybe every three posts for me.

But there is something strange I noticed. The little spinning thing on the browser that indicates activity does not start spinning until after this delay.

I once noticed that it waited until an animated sequence on an ad finished its cycle. During the period the animation was finishing, the spinning thing was not rotating.

It even happens in the early morning (after midnight), so it is probably not traffic-related. But I noticed that there is a delay of almost 10 minutes if it happens near 4 am. But that one is different, because the spinning thing is spinning during that 10 min delay.

I have Firefox

Its really sluggish this evening (9:43 PM CST) and was pretty bad early this morning too (6:00 AM CST). Using IE7 on Vista Home.

Does it happen just as often with Quick Reply as when using the advanced reply?

Yes. And moderating, too.

just deleted a thread (spam) and played half a game of solitary before it finished.

Same here while editing a post.

I have had it while editing and replying with both the full and advanced mode for about the past year - when making a new thread its nice and fast though....

what browser or os etc... that im using makes no difference

Same here while replying to threads and moderating.

Mine now comes and goes. It does not depend on the amount of posts in the thread, seeing as my longest wait so far has been to a thread that has had no replys prior to mine.

when i enter a thread it gets stuck for about 5 seconds or so... and i mean, my whole pc gets stuck for this long... maybe it's because its loading a heavy piece of code...

Same. It stalls after loading the nav bars and then stalls again just before loading the quick reply box

More info:

When it does this, the little spinning thing Firefox makes suddenly appears under the quick reply box, but the one up on the menu bar is NOT spinning. The progress bar is blank.

Mine does the same on firefox as it does on IE7 ...

Same here, but it does fix itself since i took some options out at the control panel as dani suggested earlier in the thread

its pretty annoying when it gets stuck... not that i am criticizing any daniweb's developer's work...