Reading through the blogs today, I read two distinct entries that struck me as odd. There were not tech-related, and furthermore it was the first activity by either member on Daniweb. Also, they both tended to focus on some type of product and had a link to it. My guess is that it's a new form of spam, so I though I'd mention it... hopefully this is the right place to do so :sad:

That said, the blog content seems to be a little thin on quality the last week or so... :P

I usually just PM Davey when I encounter a spam blog, but he's usually keeping a pretty good eye on them...

[edit] I just double-checked them now, and I have to agree that the latest blogs are in a horrid state.

I suspected as much. It seems like Davey's been inactive since July 17, so now not only have we been missing out on our quality blogs, but the crap hasn't been filtered out either. I just PM'd Dani about the spam, so everything should be fixed relatively soon.

I wish there was a way to send the spammers a spam sandwich.

Soz people, I was away on vacation with extremely limited Internet access (as in I was limited to checking my email via my smartphone once a day or I would get a good slapping from my wife) so was unable to do my usual checks throughout the day.

I do my best to keep the spam out of the blogs, and read all blog entries as soon as I can to achieve this. Sometimes things slip through when I am away or unable to connect as often as usual due to pressures of work etc.