dlh6213 is right- the points system is scaled in such a way that the vote of a member who has a higher point-count carries more weight than the vote of someone with a low rep.

I don't know exactly what that scaling is myself, but I do know that for the lower range of rep points there doesn't seem to be much of a difference in the weighting. That is, someone with 22 points isn't going to have much more "clout" than someone with 16 points or so.

This discussion confuses me now .. can Dani explain clearly on what scale these rep points are based on.


Quite honestly, getting wrapped up in this whole thing of reputation points isn't worth it. The points system is flawed, can be abused, and basically means nothing in terms of your true reputation here. This is why many support sites that used to use such a system have dropped it- the accuracy of the advice and answers you give are ultimately what will determine your reputation here.

Did we do away with the reputation points? I don't see the icon anywhere anymore. :confused:

Thank you for pointing this out. This was actually a bug I didn't pick up on, but it's fixed now. I've been making a bunch of backend changes to the forum system lately. Sorry about that!

commented: You certainly got it fixed quick! It was back the next day! - dlh +1