When I get on certain DaniWeb pages, holding the mouse button on the arrow point boxess at the ends of the browser vertical scroll bar (at the right) causes only one line of scroll to occur. It won't auto-repeat the scroll - I have to press the mouse button again and again to scroll.

This doesn't happen on any other site.

It is now happening at other sites, and is caused by certain ads. The Verizon ad is causing it continuously, and is making the text box cursor disappear.

It also won't let me start the task manager without several repetitions of CTRL-ALT-DEL.

The task manager says the ad is using 100 percent CPU time.

What do you mean that the task manager says the AD is using 100% CPU time? It wouldn't be able to break it down like this? ... it would say IE or FireFox is using CPU time, no?

I mean FF is using the time. (I was looking at the graphic meter before, not the breakdown). It also makes it hard to change the task manager mode.

But it uses it only when the Verizon ads are on the page. When the Geek's lounge ads replace the Verizon ads, it doesn't do it.

The Verizon ads are gone, and I can scroll again. The current ads are not stopping the scrolling even though they are moving.

This tells me the software in the Verizon ads is greedy for CPU time for some reason.