Hi Dani,


Tested with xp on ie7 with .png .bmp .jpeg less the 1MB.

Tested on ubuntu, firefox with .png less than 1MB

All give an error message.

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Just last night we migrated to all brand new servers. We're currently having some issues which affect uploading and storing files in the filesystem (such as attachments, custom avatars, etc), since we now have two web servers on a load balancer, and need to figure out a way to make sure they are both always in sync.


Ah, when will it be resolved. Do you know? (not that it overly matters, I can just link images to a url I upload to, but would rather add attachments because like you said before, those links get broken over time.)


Everything was set up last night except for a few things which we forgot that will be set up today.

[tex] bbcode doesn't work
file attachments don't work
the Flash IRC client doesn't work

Those three things will be set up within the next few hours.


Okey-dokey :)

You must have some kick a** specs for those servers now. You must be playing with quad-cores and 4gig+ of ram? :)


[wink]Why are you Mr Green, they are your servers :)[/wink]

Erm, I know this isn't really the place to ask , but I was wondering if you got my last PMs, or if you were just ignoring them?

I know you're probably swamped and the other problems you were having that week, I was gonna send you a PM to ask if you got them but wasn't sure if it would get through.

Not overly important. :)


I sent you two, it appears you got one.

Sorry this is a little late .

You getting this?

Nope :)

The other might have been caught out by your "server down time". Doh! :(

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