I'm sorry for the database having gone down numerous times today. I keep trying to tweak the settings to ... well, apparently not correct values.

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Two more periods of downtime today, each about 20 minutes long. So incredibly sorry!


No problem Dani..i can understand that how you handle this all..
You said that you have replaced the server then still its happening ?


Hello Dani Yesterday night for a long time i was unable to launch daniweb. Page cannot be displayed for a while and then shows 'We are experiencing with issues. Thank you for your patience' Is this right please tell me what happened yesterday.


Don't ask ... we've unfortunately been having server issues yesterday and today. :( It's been a total disaster.


Murphy's law is active:

- Nothing will show the faults in new software like releasing it to the public will.

- If you fix something, the fix breaks something else.

- The fast solution takes more space, the small solution takes more time. The actual solution uses more space and time.

- No matter how careful you are when you write software, someone else will make a change somewhere that makes your code fail.

- The bug is always in the last place you look (hmmmm ... what causes that?).

- The error is always in the part that is most obviously correct.

- The easiest solution is the incompatible one.

- When you finally eliminate the last bug, the power fails, and you lose your change. By the time the power comes back on, you forget what you did.

- There is no such thing as "the last bug."

- The software that fixes all the bugs is too big to fit on the server's hard drive.

- Hitting your head on the table doesn't fix the error.

It's fun to laugh at our trubbles.


Murphy's law of gravity I: possibility of slice of bread with jelly falling on the jelly side is proportional to the value of the carpet

Murphy's law of gravity II: dropped tool in the workshop will roll to the most inaccessible part of the workshop.

Addition to the Murphy's law of gravity II: it will hit your toes first.

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