The posting box text cursor is disappearing whenever the Verizon ads are on the screen. I also get the no-scroll error at the same time. These never go away.

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Update: I am also occasionally getting the delayed post error when these ads are on the page, whether they are visible or not.


More info.

When I go to Control Panel (in DaniWeb), the CPU usage goes to near 0.

When I return to DaniWeb posting poages (with the ads) it goes to 100 percent.

If I go to another website, it drops down near 0.


DaniWeb's control panel has just as many ads as the rest of the pages, except for Google AdSense text links of course, which I'm sure aren't the problem.


For some reason, the ads are not moving in Control Panel, or any other page I open while the Task Manager is open. But if the page was already open when I opened the task manager, the CPU usage goes to 100 percent , the no-scroll problem appears, and the cursor disappears, but only when the Verizon ads are on and are moving.

Also, if I drag the task manager, it leaves a trail that takes several seconds to disappear. This does not happen if the ad is not moving.

No other windows are open except the task manager and the browser.

I am using Firefox

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