I was banned from DaniWeb IRC after jtwenting saying to me that if i were in gulag, i didn't last five minutes when i didn't lick the shoes of the party apparatchic, and after i dared to say anything to defend myself, what i said was only that whether he finds that that which he said was funny. When will abusing me here end? How many here find it funny and approve it?

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Are you still going on about being abused? Don't you have anything better to do than whine? Oh, and your thread is completely off-topic for this forum.


You are sadist, Narue, evidently. Also you said in irc, that what you did against me, was "because of fun". I don't find that sadism is fun, and no reasonable person doesn't.


You've been told several times how to go about voicing your complaints to the right party, and still you're acting like a whiny baby without trying to find a solution. My conclusion: all you want is to rant and rave so that people will pay attention to you, which is going to stop right now.

Whoever moves this thread to a more suitable location can re-open it, but as long as it's on one of the forums I'm responsible for, it's closed. Likewise for any other off-topic attacks you choose to throw around.

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