As title, I uploaded an image here:, as a PNG. Looks ok on preview, but, checked it in fullscreen view, and it looks strange, only 10% of the image is visible, the rest is messed up:

Uploaded again, thinking it might be a result of compression, as a JPG this time; only about 30% of the image is visible;

Not sure if it's just me seeing this, if so, apologize for posting the image twice, and this message. Might also be a problem with the image(s), I suppose.

Um, isn't that a browser feature where you have to click the button in the bottom right to expand the image?

No, certainly not.. I'm guessing you're not seeing it, which would suggest it's not a real problem.. but it's only happening when viewing those two images.

I hesitate to post another screenshot, but, here goes..

Can you explain again what exactly is wrong with that screenshot, aside from it being a screenie of a website that looks weird?

The image was/is a fullsize screenshot of a website that looks wierd. When I viewed the uploaded image as hosted here, the top inch was correct, then half an inch of randomly coloured distortion, then nothing. The screenshot I put in this thread shows it exactly how I saw it. I could post the original again for comparison.. but that'd be the third time.. and it really is quite an ugly picture.

What I see when I view the PNG ( first ) image has changed now. Now I see about half of the image before it turns into distortion. No change with the JPG.

I don't see the scrambled picture, but it is usually caused by one of two things:

- Bad download (including a firewall filtering out some parts of a picture)
- Bad internet connection
- Bad video card or settings
- Bad file
- Using a video driver or browser that can't display .png files.
- An ISP that can't correctly handle .png files.

I see the distorted web page, and I know what is wrong.

The text is embedded in the image, rather than being part of the image as pixels.

The Firefox setting "shrink image to fit window" is shrinking the pixels, but not the text. Thus, the various text entries overlap each other.

You need to flatten the text into the pixel image, or change to gif or jpg.