I'm not sure if this is the place... (Sorry if it's not -- I couldn't find any Support forum)

Sorry to bother you, but I can't get this rectified. I recently posted a topic here: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread90469.html

Now the problem is, is in my first post I listed a web site. I tried cutting the URL up so it would not be found in Google, yet it is. This is something I was trying to avoid. (I have also tried to contact a moderator without luck some time ago via PM. I failed to notice the blurb on their signature stating not to contact them from PM. My bad.)

So if it is at all possible could you either remove the entire mention of the URL by editing my post and removing it, or delete the topic altogether? I would be most appreciative.


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>>I'm not sure if this is the place...
you should have used the Flat Bad Post link that is on the same line as the post's time. That will get the attention of appropriate mods a lot faster than posting iit here.


Well you don't really want to flatten a post ... running a post over with a steamtruck won't get moderators' attention. But you do want to flag the post to the mod team.


Forget it. The problem lies not with the forum post, it's with Google itself. Google finds your website because the search criteria is found in the domain name. For example, I recently bought a domain name, and have been putting content up on it. I have not posted a single link to it or submitted it to any search engines, yet it still shows up on Google.

If you don't want your site to show up on Google, then follow the steps to remove it.


I know it's not Daniweb, but Google. However I really would appreciate it if you could remove it. I have also "reported the link" and described my situation.

I really *need* this to happen. I know it sounds stupid, but I need it done. And soon.


Deleting the URL the entire thread is about effectively makes all of the replies to the thread no longer make sense. There were lots of people who spent their time to help you out and respond, and it wouldn't be fair to them to make all of their replies no longer make sense just because you've decided you don't like that your thread on DaniWeb shows up in the Google results when someone searches for your website's name.

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