So ... whatcha think?

The first choice is the way it is now. The last choice is the most condensed (but also provides the least amount of info).

Love it how it is now. :P :) ;) :D ;D :-* 8)

(i tried to pick all the happy smilies)

i voted for name/descrip/date - figure mod could be listed on the board's page - maybe as an exercise in dreamweaver i can make a mockup of a hompage 4 u(s)? let me know as i dont want to step on any toes....

It's very funny that you should say that ... at the moment, I am in Dreamweaver making a mock new homepage (which I'm going to do some playing around with before it goes public).

I'd greatly appreciate it if you could make a mock template too. Maybe then I can show you what I have going and we can exchange ideas.

Basically, this is a forum for USERS. And it should be most convenient / easiest setup for the USER! ;D (P.S. that's you!)

kewl, its my Friday night so hopefully of this weekend (4 me) i'll be able to put something 2gether - wanna put some thought into it tho so i'm not gonna rush it 8)
& thanx!!! ;D

You know the Forum Stats on the index page? I was thinking of redoing their look ...

Or, optimally, creating a new homepage so the user isn't automatically thrown at the forum board index.

This new homepage would include a bunch of forum info as well as possibly "other stuff" (yeah, stuff, that's it)

I used SSI to generate this non-forum page (which incorporates forum stats) - Perhaps some of its info can be thrown into a template ;)

I think you should just keep it the way it its. The forums should be the home page...I hate to be a pig, but maybe change the color "yellow" to a different one... more of a mascular color (since most computer people are guys) =) Here's my friend's forums:

my mac went south Friday night so i'm not sure when i'll beable to shoot u a mockup Dani; incissor i'll keep ur post in mind, maybe u'll like it! :)

inscissor, your friend over at animepad just used the default phpBB template style. :P The only thing that was changed was the actual animepad logo in the upper left of the index page.

how abt puttin frames vs no-frames to a vote? could put thins on various layers, but, well, thats more work! i also kinda like the behavior of frames - tho i'll take mine borderless plz!!!! 8)

aeinstein, I'm really not too crazy about frames - I always end up getting stuck in them, and they don't index well with search engines :( I already yelled at Dan for having frames on his website (and see, he got rid of them for me! hahaha)

what I am going to end up doing is probably having two columns side-by-side, though (a big one with main content and a sidebar type deal)

I still don't know how the setup is going to be though.

BTW ... you can always start votes for anything yourself: just click the new vote button instead of the new topic button. ;D

no frames - ok, kewl... :-\
Dan changed www for Dani? Kewl! :-*
hmm - me setup vote ?? Empowered!! MAD KEWL!!! 8)

Haha. Yeah, I chaged it JUST FOR YOU DANI. :) Another reason why I did it was because it's sometimes a pain in the neck developing web apps with frames. I was planning on making all the sites dynamic, but recently I've been thinking of renewing the whole site in Flash. Create a mini content manage maybe. Still got lots of planning to do.

well, unfortunately, i haven't had a lot of time 2 work on this but, i did just finish a structural outline of what i'd like to propose for a new homepage. i am going 2 do the initial layout using frames ( :P ), which i will then convert to a non-frames implementation if things look good. do to work & study loads i'm not going to set a timeline for this, but i will try to keep this on the fron burners as much as possible and will provide a progress update asap.

Frames are evil... that's all I have to say. :)