Today, Microsoft announced that it has sold over 10 million Kinect sensors as well as Kinect games. At the same time Kinect for Xbox has set a new Guinness World Record for having sold 8 million units in the first 60 days. They managed all of this during a recession, hello!

Many PC gamers and users are embracing Kinect , figuring out ways to hack it to use with a PC. Microsoft has already hinted that Kinect with eventually be made to support PC. I'm thinking Minority Report is getting closer and closer.


Does anyone bought a kinect. Who like xbox products

I can dance in my lounge for free, and look like an idiot (not very often), why would i pay for the privilege?

The new kinect is coming out with a better sensor. Can't wait to buy it

The kinect is coming out with a better sensor? What's the ETA on that? I haven't bought one yet since my xbox is in my apartment bedroom(not much room). I know there were lag issues, as well as sensing(in non-prime lighting conditions) issues, that could be improved, all of which I thought were software fixes!

I do have a Kinect... part of my severance package.
I must say it works better then expected... and it's more of a workout...

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Agreed with @Burrito_NL - Kinect works a lot better than I expected, and it's getting better.

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I tried to use my Kinect yesterday, and found out that it was too sunny to work right. (No window shades yet.) I had to drape a bedsheet over the window to get the darn thing to semi-work for 5 minutes.

@cscgal, first i've heard of that... what game are you trying it with?

I have to say I was very impressed when I first heard of the Kinect. Microsoft managed to break into another gaming market, but not doing it cheaply and with the same basic concept like the Move did. Bravo Microsoft!

Anyone want to buy Kniect2. The sensor for kinect 2 will be better and better graphics. New games are coming out too.