After a week of Jewish holidays bookending Advertising Week, SMX East, IAB Mixx, and OMMA, I took a break this past weekend to attend Comic Con NY at the Javits Center. A couple of first impressions: while the website announces it had the largest attendance to date, it seemed eerily empty as compared to previous years. That isn't to say it wasn't absolutely packed, because of course it was. But people were free to roam around and weren't packed in like sardines, unable to push through the crowds, which tended to be the norm on previous Comic Con Saturday afternoons. Someone mentioned to me today that he felt it was because there weren't as many activities this year on the showroom floor, which lead to fewer people congested all around single areas.

I began my adventure trying to find a gift for James Erickson, our trusty systems administrator who keeps DaniWeb up and running (well, most of the time). Armed with a list of Anime that his wife enjoys, off I went from Anime booth to Anime booth. I finally ended up with a large pink scroll and some very awkward looking manga, but I digress.


Ultimately I met up with my friends, and after a handful of photos in our costumes (rather, them in costumes, and me in jeans and a tshirt), and with James' wife's gift out of the way, we continued on to meet up with our friend, Ariel. Ariel was selling some Dr. Who doctors that she croched herself at her friend's booth, and I promised her a plug in any write-up I did about my exploits at Comic Con this year. So, without further ado ...


Incidentally, they're really high quality and all handmade originals and I highly recommend those who are interested in buying one to reach out to her. But, once again, I digress.

From there it was off to find a gift for James. I took some videos for him of various Dr. Who booths and other booths of some stuff I thought he'd be interested in, and I texted it all to him. He said that I should get Dr. Who Monopoly, which sounded boring to me, but my friend suggested a Titans figurine as they are collectible and unique to Comic Con (i.e. you can't buy them anywhere on the Internet outside of eBay from people who bought them at this year's Comic Con). I got him two figurines and was on my way.

Fast forward to today. I stopped off at the UPS store a couple stores down from the DaniPad coworking space in Queens, NY where I work, and the UPS guy immediately screams, "Is that a Titans Trenzalore Tardis!?!?" He then proceeded to beg me to sell them to him instead of wrapping them up and sending them off to James. (Since they were Comic Con exclusives, they immediately soared in price as soon as the show ended.) I highly recommend watching this video for your amusement.

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Looks like she did a sweat job crocheting those dolls. what else does she do?

LOL do you mean a sweet job?

Maybe she was sweating while working on them? :)

DOH!... Yes, sweet.. things get mixed up when traveling from my brain to my fingers. lol

This is what it's all about.

Hey Dani,

I didn't realize, until just now, that I had an uncle Jacob Javits?

Shalom shalom,

David W. Zavitz (Javits)