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Can you believe that the very first posting ever on DaniWeb was made almost exactly eight years ago now? In actual fact it was posted on the 17th February 2002 by DaniWeb member number four, AlPhA. And what was the subject matter that started the ball rolling for the DaniWeb community? Well the title kind of gives it away: LCD vs CRT. The first person to offer advice on the burning issue of which type of monitor to purchase was none other than DaniWeb founder cscgal who has since gone on to make a further 12,000 posts! Oh, and in case you wondering, he went for the LCD. Why not tell us what your very first DaniWeb posting was? Come and join the conversation in the Geeks' Lounge here.


Making the move from DaniWeb member to DaniWeb sponsor

There's a really interesting conversation developing in our Area 51 forum which is discussing the reasons why DaniWeb members chose to make a donation and become community sponsors. Of course as befits the name, the irony here is that Area 51 is a restricted forum and only those members who have become sponsors can access it. Our current Member of the Month, cwarn23, says it was "to support an ever growing community which is part of my daily life" while ShawnCplus says "it's an excellent community and sponsoring is a nice 'set it and forget it' way to support that community". Others, such as former Member of the Month sknake have more practical reasons: "I enjoy posting here so sponsoring was a help-you-help-me situation: get rid of the ads while supporting the organization.".

If you would like to become a DaniWeb sponsor then it's really easy and costs a lot less than you might imagine. Just click on the 'Donate' link at the top of any page and choose the option that best suits your budget. In return for as little as $3.75 per month you can continue enjoying DaniWeb membership but with the added benefits of no advertising, more PM space, bigger and animated avatars, custom user titles and access to Area 51 to name but a few. So what are you waiting for, if we have helped you why not become a sponsor and return the favor by helping us with the costs of keeping our community up and running?


Member of the Month

Please welcome our newest member of the DaniWeb hall of fame, cwarn23. A member of DaniWeb since 2007, it would seem long overdue to try and discover some more about the man whose signature urges others "not to bump 10 year old threads as it can be really annoying". We already know from his usage profile that cwarn23 loves being an active member of the DaniWeb community, what with 1790 posts so far at an average of 2 postings per day. We can also be pretty darn confident that he's a big fan of the PHP forum given that he has posted more than a thousand times in there! But what else is there to know? We exchanged a much sought after Featured Poster badge for that information...

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

I was born in New South Wales, Australia but very early in my life my family moved to Queensland, Australia - a great place with great people.

How old are you?

We count our ages now? Hmm, OK, 19 years.

What is your current occupation?

Currently I'm not employed but I am taking a diploma in web development as well as volunteering at an information centre. There it is said that I only have to look at the printer to cause a paper jam and I am also known as the Paper Jam King.

What is your favorite OS etc?

Well I have tried all variations (eg Mac/Windoze/Ubuntu/Centos) and my most favourite has to be Ubuntu. That said, I couldn't live without Windoze XP as it has so many programs that haven't yet been imported into Linux. As for which one I use for posting on DaniWeb well I use Windoze with the Opera browser as it doesn't crash due to the Mosaic memory limit bug.

What first brought you to DaniWeb?

I had a silly question asking for tutorials on making a 3D human animator using C++. At the time I barely knew anything about C++ although I already had the GUI done in a program called gamemaker. Besides the question, I didn't just pick any random forum/community to answer it but I searched for a community that covered areas I already knew. And when I saw the great range of forums that DaniWeb covers I knew this community could solve all my IT troubles and I might be able to help others as well. And I did, in the Microsoft Windows forums for a while before switching to the PHP forum.

What makes you stay here?

The great community and meeting new people when solving questions. And unlike most communities DaniWeb has a unique interface which is clean with the ads out of the way above and to the side of the content.

What is your favorite forum and why?

The PHP forum since this is where I meet most of the newbies who are just joining our great community. I love answering questions there as it is fun and gives me a challenge every so often.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

I googled to find what "outside of IT" means and just realised we live in a place called Earth... I guess my swimming and volunteering would count, plus I enjoy watching a nice movie of MacGyver.

Name the best thing about DaniWeb, and one thing you would change if it were in your power?

The best thing about DaniWeb is that the interface is nice and clean and if I were to change anything it would be to allow the sub-forums to show on the grey menu at the top without any additional clicks to show them. But other than that there are only very minor alterations which to the average user wouldn't make a difference.

Any fascinating facts about yourself that you would like to share with the DaniWeb community?

I can't seem to think of any but I thought I would share that I see the real world as a math grid which when I start robotics should make it much easier. I was thinking of starting robotics when parts become more available/findable. Also my latest project "backscrub" I am making an algorithm that will reword information and filter it so there is just enough information to answer the question typed in.

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