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Did you know that as well as being a thriving support and news community, DaniWeb is now also the place to read expert reviews of the latest hot tech products, both software and hardware, written by our team of experienced professional reviewers? Why not head over to the DaniWeb Product Review Index where you will some of the more interesting recent reviews posted include a solar powered charger for the iPhone, not just one hardware eBook reader but two hardware eBook readers eBook reader gadgets, an Operating System from Google and even a device to create your own personal pink Linux data cloud.

New product reviews will be added on a regular basis, so be sure to check in often to get an in-depth and hands-on perspective from IT professionals you respect.


Some questions get asked more than others, so we thought why not bring them together in this quick-fire DaniWeb mini-FAQ?

How do I update my member profile?

Visit your User Control Panel where, incidentally, you will find any pending friend requests, new subscribed threads and details of any reputation received for good measure. In the sidebar on the left you need to click on 'Edit Your Details' which will take you to the relevant screen in order to update your member profile.

When should I mark a thread as solved?

If you have asked a question and got the answer that you were looking for, then you can and indeed should mark the thread solved - but only if it was your question that was at the root of that thread, of course.

Am I allowed to advertise my website in my signature?

Yes, of course you are as it is your signature to with what you will - as long as it does not break the DaniWeb community rules. So no links to sexually explicit sites or those that break the law please. Links to your site are not allowed in the body of a DaniWeb forum post, only in the signature file itself which you can edit here. Please do not post 'me too' messages just to expose your signature advertising to other DaniWeb members or you are likely to be flagged as a spammer, you will get more credibility and exposure if you actually contribute something meaningful to the community.

Talking of spam, how do I report a post that looks spammy?

If a posting has broken any of the rules of DaniWeb, most commonly because it is spam, it is abusive or offensive, or links to illegal content then you should report it so that the moderation team can take the appropriate action. Just look for the 'Flag Bad Post' link at the top of the posting and click on that, then leave the rest to us.


Please welcome our newest member of the DaniWeb hall of fame, pritaeas. With more than 1000 forum posts under his belt, pritaeas has posted over half of those in the PHP forum alone which gives you some idea of his interests. But what do you really know about Hans Pollaerts, the man show signature tag reads " If it is NOT source, it is NOT software" and who became part of the DaniWeb community way back in 2006? We bribed him with a Featured Poster badge in order to find out a little more...

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

I'm from Roermond, The Netherlands, born and raised. Only moved to different areas within this city. The location is in the south, near Germany and Belgium. The location itself is pretty great, a lot of water and a National Park with wildlife very near. We're mocked because of our regional dialect by the rest of the country, but life itself is pretty relaxed here. I don't think I'll ever move out of here.

How old are you?

I'm 36 years old, from September. I've been using computers for 24 years. I started out with a BBC Acorn Atom with a whopping 16K of memory. Because of this everyone tells me I'm ancient.

What is your current occupation, ever done anything unusual in the past?

I'm currently employed as a software engineer at a company that hosts and builds websites. There are some other software packages we have, not directly web based. Been working here since a year (almost) and learned a lot more about websites. I've had a lot of jobs ever since I was 15. The one that most influenced my life, was at a liquor store. I've worked there for about 10 years. The most unusual one is probably with a company clothes washing company, where I was the only guy. Here we prepared overalls for washing, a lot from meat factories and butchers, so full with maggots.

What is your favorite computer?

My own desktop PC is my favourite. The simple reason being it contains everything I need to build websites/software for personal and business use. It's a year old machine with 4Gb memory, a decent videocard, a 24" LCD Samsung monitor, a Kensington trackball and all-black keyboard. It runs XP (because I need to finish 1 project before upgrading to Windows 7), WAMP, Delphi, Visual Studio, SVN server and a lot of smaller tools, and yes, all paid for.

What first brought you to DaniWeb?

I had to look into my own threads, because I wasn't really sure. As far as I can see it must have been the time I needed to start a new project for one of my former employers. I was programming FoxPro at the time (yes, again called ancient for this) and was assigned a web booking project. Since I was the only one with PHP experience (although years old PHP3), I had to start reading up on PHP5. I ended up here. Lots of questions/answers to read, on a lot of different subjects.

What makes you stay here?

The great mix of personalities and experiences gathered here, make it very interesting to stay. There are a lot of different views on any aspect of programming and design here, so it's great. There is no real need to ask questions, just start reading (and trying the examples of) old threads. The forum is really a relaxed place to spend time.

What is your favorite forum and why?

It's definitely the PHP forum. The reason is that I only use PHP personally these days, to build websites for friends and some clubs. Professionally I now do C#, and most my info comes from my colleagues. So most info I need I find in the PHP forum. Lately, I've been around the Javascript forum a bit more. I need it both for work and personal use, especially since I've been focusing more and more on jQuery.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

Outside of IT? Is that even possible? It's true I spend most time coding, but I also like to read, anything will do. Korfball has been my sport for over 25 years, but this is now my last season. My only other sport is playing cards. I prefer a local game (a bit hard to explain) and some poker. My other great flaw is I like good food (and a lot of it), which over time has taught me how to cook a good many great recipes, my favourite one being stewed rabbit.

Name the best thing about DaniWeb, and one thing you would change if it were in your power?

I think the best thing about DaniWeb is definitely it's a great mix of different users, not only in experience, but also in opinion. I've learned to look very different at some things, just by reading threads here. The only change I can think of would be impossible to get. There are so many abandoned threads, so my plea to newer users: please use "mark as solved" and/or reply if you've fixed it yourself. It would be great if you put your own solution up. The only thing I can come up with now, which could be changed, is not being able to bump solved threads. I know I've abused this myself, but closing a thread permanently would be a nice feature.

Any fascinating facts about yourself that you would like to share with the DaniWeb community?

Difficult question. I don't think I'm that fascinating. The one thing I can think of, is that I'm trying hard to get a Dutch translation of the jQuery API off the ground.

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