age of empires here nice strategy game

yeah which one?

I used to play AOE II with the conquerors expansion (old game, like 2000)

i played 1 and 3, but never 2 lol. Loved 1, but 3 never really hooked me...

Do Bennet and Serunson know each other in real life?

yes. we go to the same college etc...

Loved 1, but 3 never really hooked me...

2 is a lot more like 1 than 3

yeah which one?

I used to play AOE II with the conquerors expansion (old game, like 2000)

AOE 3 conquerors

Defense of the Ancient (DoTA) All Stars

winning eleven 9
pro evolution 8
call of duty

i want to try call of duty 4.
been playing guitar hero and rock band for the past 2 weeks. the greatest games ever invented.

Found a floppy with Battle Chess on it the other day. After searching for a drive for it I copied it to my computer and it works. I've been playing nothing but that.

Ive got windows 3.11 and windows 95 on floppies

I got re-addicted to Theme Hospital the other day :P
I do love slack tongue :D

yeah i got that on cd

well im more of a console gamer but i do like:

unreal tournament 3
the orange box: portal/team fortress
Call of duty 4
Counter strike source
Battefield/battelfield 2

loving my old school ROMS on PC at the moment too you cant beat the original mario games.

for the console though i dont think there is a better game out there right now than Halo 3! (just an opinion)

Die hard PC gamer here...

I play:

Unreal Tournament 2004 (Invasion and deathmatch)
Half Life 2 Deathmatch
Company Of Heroes (once I install it LOL)

now i m playing popcap games...:)

Does playing online flash games count? I found a neat 'golf' kind of one with planets and gravity.

I just got CRYSIS - all I can say is WOW! Huge map to run around in, multiple strategies (sneak past, hide and snipe, or full frontal attack) to use -- a really great follow-up to FarCry (though not a continuation of that story).

This game rocks!

And I am still working 12 hour shifts - I say "hi" to my partner occasionally. She is wonderful, 'low maintenance"(her term) and does not mind hearing the screams in the background as another enemy bites the dust/bites my a**. I bought her a new, bigger, digital tv for xmas -- and I join her in the living room where we both have our laptops.

<<why am I wasting my time here when i could be killing something -- bye>>

I have seen some gameplay movies for Crysis, the graphics are some of the best I have ever seen. GameSpot also said that they were the best graphics they saw in 2007, and some of the best ever.

Crysis looks like a great game, but nothing can compare to the humour that BF2 gives you :D