Does anyone know how many gmail accounts are out? Maybe in the millions? :eek:

Go to any forum where there is a possible chance to find us nerds :) and you will see gmails being offered all over the place.

"Everyone who's anyone gots a gmail account" or however that statement went... :cool:

edit: on second thought, millions are way too high.

Yeah, I think from time to time (like yesterday and the day before that) google will decide to invite alot of people in bulk to try out gmail but usually they don't give out alot of gmail invites if at all and are quite selective about who gets the invites to give out

Yeah i heard they stop making invites they may just be making more accounts

Pardon my naievite (sp?), but whats so special about a google mail account? You can search it? so.... that's cool because.... ?

It has 1gb of space(you basicly never have to delet stuff). Tracks your conversations between multiple people. It also has many differnet storage options.

Hope i helped

I find it incredibly unremarkable, and just a little alarming, given that it's a searchable database that you never truly get to delete your information from.

You should be aware, however, that residual copies of information may remain stored on our systems even after the deletion of information or the termination of your account.

When first introduced, they held some sort of bizarre 'prestige value', but now you can buy accounts on eBay for a few cents!

Not that i am into anything like this, but, for example, if the police had a lead on a major drug dealer that was communicating via gmail, would google just happily hand out the emails in the inbox, outbox, junkmail of the account in question?

the police would probably just get a search warrant and get the password from the person. Also i am pretty sure that most drug dealers are'nt chating on gmail accounts.

Gmail is great i just posted four invites that i got yesterday. Who wouldn't wan it it is 10 times my yahoo account, and 100 times my msn account.